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wayne parker


integrating communities through sport and bodily movement

This dissertation proposes a response to mitigating segregated urban landscapes in South Africa. Sport, understood and accepted as a national culture in South Africa, is a source of mutual interest between diverse communities which can form this basis of integration. Langa and Pinelands share similar erection characteristics but with vastly different outcomes in socio-economic conditions. This disproportion of areas adjacent to one another sites my intervention; being located between Langa and Pinelands.

The design consists of a multipurpose Active Urban Park on the principles of public spaces and facilities being accessible, equitable and inclusive of everyone. The park hosts sporting facilities ranging from games for children to semi-professional athletes. Multiple park spaces instigate social interaction, recreation, education and restorative qualities. Local economic growth is promoted through market spaces, a restaurant/café, craft education and job creation within the park complex. Culture is celebrated through space for cultural practice, dance, movement, exhibition of local art and social spaces to encourage learning from each other’s cultures and ways of life.

The dissertation serves as a new approach of utilising the qualities of sport to mend the urban scars and integrate previously divided communities.

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