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treasa mcmillan


manufacturing metamorphosis: creating spatial catalysts for connection between zoarvlei and the community

Biologically, metamorphosis is the natural process of growth and change concerning a living organism’s habitat, behaviour, or form. Architecturally, metamorphosis is the transformation of a spatial realm through a social, political, or economic system. Both metamorphoses instigated through natural or human intervention. This dissertation investigates the manufacturing process of metamorphosing the spatiality of Zoarvlei, for connection between its surrounding community and its ecological significance.

Throughout the development of this dissertation, I have delved into the micro-biological realm, extracting key factors that are able to thrive within the physicality of our architecture. Designing with their existence in mind has extracted an architectural language which breathes in conjunction with its biotic hosts. By understanding the relationships between architecture and micro-biotics as a combined realm, I have worked to develop theoretical, technological, and design-based methods for creating spatial catalysts that may increase the chance for connections, through recreational, educational, and biotic means, between people across the Zoarvlei community and their ecological surroundings.

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