re-crafting architecture in philippi + the everyday: developing the urban potentials & sites of production in the cape flats

This dissertation explores architecture through a lens of social change and informed by fieldwork research to be carried out in Philippi located in the eastern periphery of Cape Town. It is a severely under-resourced area with a rich potential for a site of production and vibrant urban culture. With regards to the constructed title, the aim of which this study is a product and learns from the informal city through on the ground research and recording the cultural practices of craft in the everyday. The scope of work aims to establish a more nuanced comprehension of informality, its connection to the wider formal networks and what opportunity it represents to a new architectural culture and identity. Through identifying, documenting, and mapping sites to produce architectural ethnographic drawings that establishes an analysis criteria whereby delineating local knowledge through discussion and engaged scholarship for a more representative architectural tectonics and expression.

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