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travors van breda


re-crafting architecture in philippi + the everyday: developing the urban potentials and sites of production in the cape flats

The dissertation aims to re-surface relevant alternative practices in the informal township economies and micro-industries that continue to shape the urban fabric of Philippi. The aim of the project is to explore digital fabrication as a primary design method for the making of the urban armature, facilitating agency and autonomy in a bottom up approach within programmed and programmable spaces for local enterprises to expand their networks.

The fabrication facility is the nexus in the overall program, it attempts to provide access to resources lacking in the informal networks. The urban armature provides spaces of tenure as temporary employment and maker programs in the aim of upskilling the community of Philippi.

Therefore the scope of work aims to establish a more nuanced comprehension of informality, its connection to the wider formal networks, and what opportunity it represents in re-crafting an architectural culture.

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