democratizing placemaking: affordance & [fab]rication

Architects are viewed as one of the authorities on the built environment. The title of spatial practitioner is reserved for these practitioners and their peers. Informal Settlements make up large amount of built environment in SA and they are often left out of the conversations of Architecture.

These people + communities practice architecture at varied scales - micro, (own homes); urban design (forming neighbourhoods + communities); developing autonomous informal economies to bring about self-sustenance.

What of the contributions of those forced into the role of spatial practitioner? The systems in place currently supress these unofficial practitioners, but what if this system supported them and empowered their architectural contributions?

I plan to explore the Fabrication laboratory, typology the diverse networks present in township economies, and the role of recycling & modular design, as tools to explore their role in affording people agency over their own spaces.

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tiego monareng