[liberation struggle]²: spatial identity, spatial agency and spatial remancipation for the ordinary afrikan

This thesis has a vested interest in exploring and identifying criteria to bring about an increased sense of emancipation to the Ordinary Afrikan through the articulation of the built environment. These afforded freedoms will be open to freely traverse the realms of the tangible (physical built structures), economic (as a vehicle for agency in a capitalist global system) and metaphysical ( relating to consciousness, or phenomenology and the senses). To sensibly consider the parameters that might begin to inform design decisions to achieve this, a contextual comparison and analysis of the systems of repression that have been applied to negate this freedom must be studied. I’d like to situate myself as a middle-class black male in an Afrikan “developing” context. The negation and erasure of Afrikan identity must be understood to sensibly reinstate these lost epistemologies in a contemporary, urban and postcolonial context.

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tapiwanashen mbire