African Renaissance // Culture // Vernacular Architecture // Heritage // Identity // Critical Regionalism // Education

The built environment is a continuous growing field whether it being the constant change between materials and the humanity, between the rapid expansion of technology and our psychology between ethics and the environment.

This dissertation aims to examine the characteristics, structural form and the traditional building technology and craft through the identification of culture and the architectural expressions in Africa and the Southern African region. An investigation of the vernacular architecture and its correspondence to critical regionalism, how both establishments theoretically contribute to the architectural literature of the African renaissance movement.

It is important to understand the cultural objectives, traditional metaphors, and the construction techniques of vernacular architecture in relation to its local materials, climatology, community, and context. How vernacular architectural structures are built and what is its significance and meaning and relevance to the culture’s identity. The dissertations ask the question as to how vernacular architecture and critical regionalism phenology can assist in the creation of design and building today.

Identifying the changing shape of cultural studies in South Africa, drawing on both local and global reference points. For politics of the emergent, an increasing turn towards the negotiation of the possible, the drawing in of trans-national frames, and the reformulation of theories of race in the aftermath of resistance politics. Studies of popular culture during this period increasingly come to be superseded by a focus on public culture and on circulation. Considering current contests in cultural studies in South Africa and with a reflection on its current place within a reconstituted public intellectual space.

Building new narratives for the African people, the process and possibilities of the African renaissance building, and the role of architecture in the celebration of heritage, culture, and identity.

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swati sopotela