becoming [un]furled:rehabilitative architecture and [out]patient re-integration into society

“Kwathi ke, kaloku ngastomi...”

Becoming [Un]furled is a concept that explores isolation, surrendering and integration in the process of healing. This project aims to actualise and spatialise this concept into built form. The exploration will then answer my research question of - ‘What is an architecture that nurtures relationships?’

This ‘unfurling of self’ is a concept founded on self-exploration, which anchors the project’s analysis in the relationship between self and built form. A continuous reflection of isolation, surrendering and integration with architecture and self, will unpack how we perceive the world around us. To reveal how our perceptions of space, time, and relationships self-actualise into the built form around us.

To fully narrate this design process - iintsomi , a form of traditional isiXhosa storytelling, will guide the reading, critique, analysis, and crafting of an architecture that seeks to understand healing through experience. To better design rehabilitative spaces and architectural opportunities to foster the subsequent [out]patient re-integration at an urban scale.
To answer - ‘What is an architecture that nurtures relationships?’

“Phela phela, ngetsomi.”

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