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samke kunene


the afropolis: an afrocentric re-imagining of spaces in the post-colonial city of johannesburg

This dissertation proposes to re-imagine the inner city of Johannesburg as an Afropolis, which is a term coined by Achille Mbembe. This dissertation does so by proposing an infrastructure that services traders, city-goers, and long-distance travellers that pass through the Park Station Precinct found in the inner city. This infrastructure includes a market, a hotel and public gathering spaces.

The approach to this project stems from the Afrocentric theories of Afropolitanism, Afrofuturism and global-Africanism. These theories are used to change the narrative of a dilapidated colonial/oppressive past, into a city that uplifts and supports people of African descent who are in a state of transition (i.e.. Moving to the city or South Africa) or are wanting to make a living and participate in the global economy through trade.

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