the [afro]polis: an afrocentric reimagining of spaces in the post-colonial city of johannesburg

This dissertation focuses on understanding the derelict inner city of Johannesburg from an African perspective. By looking at Achille Mbembe’s writings on the Afropolis and Homi Bhabha’s writing’s on Hybridity, the dissertation aims to create an inclusive space for African cultures within a post-colonial city, which then creates heterogeneity, transculture, and removes subaltern ways of thinking.

The dissertation also analyses the image of Johannesburg and the African from a filmic lens. This helps in understanding the relationship between the users of the city, whether it be from a dystopic, subaltern lens, or from an Afrofuturist, decolonial lens.

The project also seeks to look at alternative building methods that contribute to a sustainable future and circular economy.

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samke kunene