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raheema parker


the fear-less city: cultivating an environment of urban safety through a martial arts diversion centre in athlone, cape town

The dissertation aims to address the impact of fear (of crime), safety, and topophobia on urban form in Cape Town. Since fear and topophobia has the ability to influence urban spaces and form, it is a challenge that is critical and relevant to urban citizens and designers (architects or urban planners) respectively. Therefore I will attempt to explore the role of architecture and design in mitigating these experiences of fear, topophobia and safety through my design proposal for a Martial Arts Diversion Centre located in Athlone, Cape Town.

The research is used to develop a mixed-use building with the main program being a Diversion Centre aimed towards at risk youth but is inclusive and accessible to all.

My design proposal aims to achieve, through its design and construction, a representation of contrasts and spatial dichotomies; solid and void, soft and hard, heavy and light, inside and outside. Additonally, I hope to express and celebrate ideas of dynamism and rhythm in architecture, which are important concepts in the study of Martial Arts.

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