albinism in the city

Place and identity are inextricably connected therefore we as people are the products of our environments. Albinism is an inherited genetic condition that causes the skin, eyes, and hair of the host to become partially or completely unpigmented. The study aims at the lives of people with albinism and/or visual impairment in the constructed world, where able body supremacy in society leads to the physical, cultural, and spatial discriminatory practices against people who have conditions that distinguish them from the "average person".

To promote inclusive approaches in the daily lives of civilians and influence the social, political, and professional environment in the global community, the study educates and integrates the spatial design principles where participants who experience the environment as an obstacle to their entire participation in activities independently to be at the centre stage. The objective is to overcome environmental barriers imposed by challenges in design and planning standards for Polokwane's public architecture by means of designing which prioritize the inequalities and the environmental barriers spectrums.

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phaswane selepe