searching for an identity: exploring culture, memory and modernism

This research began from my own personal experience in Iran, which was triggered with a recent trip to Tehran and sparked some of my past memories. My childhood occurred in a more traditional household, but in the recent years, these standards seem to be slowly fading away. I have lived as an immigrant in South Africa for almost a decade, which has raised doubts regarding my identity. I can no longer claim that I purely carry my conventional upbringings as they have been blended with the South African lifestyle, likewise I no longer fit within the Iranian scene as I have changed and no longer can consider it my home. I am seeking to retain my originality as it is a valuable bit of my life while embracing principles that I have learned outside of my ‘home’ country, which collectively have morphed me into the character I have become.

These thoughts altogether started shaping the concept of “hybridity”; The hybridity between my Iranian roots and South African lifestyle, traditional values with the current ones, my past memories and traditional ideas, and many other various networks which can navigate me into creating a meaningful, explorative and tactile architecture. Drawing from my liminality as a person who exists between these two places, I am aiming to explore, how one could form something in an utterly opposite and foreign environment, combined with my memories and blended with cultural values to create something that can act in response to the current needs.

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omid pournejati