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odd persson


between land & sea: the interrelations in coastal architecture

In order to achieve sustainable coastal architecture, architects must commit themselves to becoming a part of nature’s interrelational cycles, and consequently create a shift towards a positive and resilient building environment. Alternative materials such as algae, mycelium, tabby concrete and bio cement are all in the frontier of innovative materials fighting for a more sustainable alternative to the less sustainable conventional materials. My project aims to find architectural adaption of these alternative and more sustainaible materials on the edge of the coastline.

It is a project with an approach to blur the edge between phenomenology and ecology. It architecturally blurs the edge between land and sea while developing new edges to protect the ecology. To create a place by Bird Island in Kommetjie where you can phenomenologically become a part of the environment by appreciating the scape we stand and swim in, experiencing the weather and feeling the connection to the ocean and its ever changing tide. Experiencing the coastline as a hedonistic edge. To experience the space between land & sea and between phenomenology & ecology while celebrating nature and architecture to let them shine in their own purity.

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