coastal architecture: interrelations linking back into nature’s sustainable chain of life

We are removing ourselves from the reality that human beings are as much part of nature’s life cycle as fungi or dolphins and humans often pick up where non-humans have left. In order to achieve a sustainable coastal built environment architects must commit themselves to becoming a part of nature’s interrelational cycles, and consequently create a shift towards a positive and resilient coastal land development. I believe there is an urgent need to re-imagine coastal development and the materials we use in order to find new interrelations to achieve a sustainable coastal building environment. For sustainability to truly break ground and remain it cannot not be seen as an architectural obstacle but as of an integrated opportunity. Sustainability should be a part of increasing life quality. If we succeed with increasing the hedonistic life in a sustainable way we are truly winning.

The ocean is my home, my sanctuary. I have lived in and around it my entire life. This is the place I find all inspiration and motivation, it makes me happy and it makes me feel. As many coastal towns in South Africa, especially around Cape Town, are seeing rapid urbanization and modernization there is in urgent need for an innovative framework and methodology that showcases sustainable coastal building environment.

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odd persson