african ways of seeing, making and thinking as a call to rethink and remake places in cities.

By using artefact as a point of entry into revealing truths about traditional ways of seeing, this thesis explores new ways of seeing African cities through their evolving innovation, ingenuity, ways of thinking and making as inspiration for imagining a new type of architecture. One that may define the first step into articulating an African architectural identity whose knowledge is contingent to multiple assemblages of ideas from elsewhere. My point of entry, the Basotho blanket, revealed an interesting cross pollinating of cultures and ability or tangible and intangible infrastructures to shape or present. With film and montage as one of the methods to narrate the concept, this This inquiry anticipates a more detailed understanding of the cross pollination and insertion of theoretical and technical ideas in design. Where the power of imaginative associations brings distant places to transform the city in unanticipated ways.

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mpho sephelane