tracing the genealogies of belonging : a dream deferred reclaimed

This project attempts to understand the states of belonging through intangible gaining of hom-sense, and its deferral. Scenes of home are explored and unpacked through narrative based research and critical fabulations of untold stories. “Home” is used as a concept that allows for multiple interpretations. Houses are physical structures, while homes are communal and cultural institutions that live independently of houses. This institution is defined as the sense of belonging. This paper attempts to understand what belonging means in architectural terms, and unpacks how architectural terms can support belonging in a building and the context of Cape Town. Personally, the place of home and belonging – both in the tangible and the intangible – has always been in the presence of my Grandmother and people like her. By this I mean people who are femme or women; who are caregivers; who have experienced immense loss of home and have recultivate home again through belonging. This paper positions this feminine intelligence of belonging– that which is the intangible soft practice of caring and feeling – as paramount to structuring the architectural tangibility of buildings that become homes.

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mmakhotso lamola