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mmakhotso lamola


visioning a sense of belonging: cultivating narrative through a library in philippi

A sense of belonging has multiple meanings associated with it, yet the feeling remains the same: as something that evokes a personal connection to a place, a community, or a moment.

This design dissertation explores a sense of belonging in Cape Town and contemplates how the intangible phenomenon can be understood in tangible architectural terms. The way in which moments of belonging are explored is through reimagining untold stories - where historical research is permeated with fictional narrative to understand the personal relationship to events. This is done through a cast of characters known as the Chorus, who help guide, define and unpack belonging in architectural terms.

The design intervention aims to understand how belonging is evaluated on a real site and situation. The site is located in Philippi and the situation is a proposed library. The aim of the dissertation is not to prove belonging through design, but rather to use what knowledge has been gained to follow a design process and ethic that is oriented to cultivating a sense of belonging.

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