ritual spaces in the city: urban spaces of healing

The wounds of the colonial past have left social, economic and historical traumas. These include severe spiritual traumas. This dissertation aims to create designed spaces and facilities that celebrate traditional healing and practices including rituals in the urban city context. Rituals, sacred spaces and sites that are an integral part of the African indigenous religious and spiritual experience act as venues for spiritual reinforcement and awakening. Traditional healers in the South African context have economic, social, and heritage impacts. Their journeys, practices, current spatial conditions and desired spatial requirements entail the understanding of rituals and key knowledge systems.

The investigation of strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of the existing systems are explored in order to create spaces that aim to meet the daily requirements of Traditional Health Practitioners. The intention is to create an informed design that provides Health Practitioners and the public at large with comfortable healing and therapeutic spaces, exhibition and commercial opportunity, social diversification and environmental rehabilitation.

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masego mogashoa