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liam leonard


softening boundaries: lgbtq africa

South Africa is a country of hard boundaries that exist as signifiers of identity and power. These hard boundaries stem from a colonial heritage, manifesting in the form of xenophobia and homophobia. This project addresses these hard boundaries and uses architectural methods as a tool to softens them. The project achieves this through embarking on a de-colonial and queer design approach that caters for the African LGBTQ refugee in South Africa. The project is located in the metropolitan suburb of Braamfontein which is in Johannesburg’s city centre. The project houses LGBTQ living spaces as well as LGBTQ orientated organisations that aim to ease the integration of African LGBTQ migrants in South Africa. The project also accommodates social programs such as a night club and a deli. This is a LGBTQ community project in the heart of South Africa that asserts itself as a queer entity within Johannesburg’s urban fabric, demanding acceptance over tolerance.

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