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lea chisholm


vetkoek en fietse: collaging a sense of ocean view

This dissertation sites itself in Ocean View, a place of great vitality, but also immense socio-economic hardship, tucked away in a crevice of the Cape Fold Mountain range near Cape Town, South Africa. The project began at the beginning of this year, when a friend and director of the Ocean View-based non-profit organisation, Communities Wellness Solutions, approached me to help him develop a scheme for a recreational park and community centre in Ocean View.

American urban historian, Dolores Hayden’s writings on sense of place and politics of space became the theoretical lens through which to collage a knowledge of site to support a contextually reponsive architectural intervention that functionally and emotively works for the community. These contrasting concepts of sense of place and politics of space become an iterative design method for making from the body-outwards and the boundary-inwards, to manifest in a haptic yet functional community architecture.

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