t e r r a | l l a g e: a study of the landscape of ocean view

This project sites itself in Ocean View, a township 3km outside of Kommetjie in Cape Town. Its research looks to unearth historical and present narratives of the space to understand its production and how that manifests presently in the every-day. Ocean View is plagued by many forms of violence, including gangsterism, drug and alcohol abuse, crime, and high unemployment levels; however, it also contains moments of agency and subversion that I wish to highlight and enhance through this project. Due to the historical dispossession of landscape experienced due to the Group Areas Act of Apartheid and the contested nature of landscape within Ocean View today, the project is framed through the lens of landscape: its political associations; its ability to isolate and hide; landscape as resource and source of beauty; landscape as a place for the production of healthy living; and landscape as a container for memories. Collage – inspired by Ocean View artist Peter Clarke – is used to navigate the tension between natural and cultural landscapes, and the relationship between memory and imagination, to acknowledge the history of the place and project new spatial forms that promote positive identity production of the space and the inhabitants within it.

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lea chisholm