cohabitation | coexistence: the interrelation of the life cycles that influence the werdmuller centre

In any given circumstance, there are a variety of factors that influence a situation. The same goes for the Werdmuller Centre in Claremont, the failure of the building is not constituted by a single problem, but a variety of influences. This project therefore focuses on the analysis of life cycles of singular influences and their relations with each other to understand the greater whole of the success and failure of the building. The understanding of the life cycles and how they impact each other will help better inform a design proposition for the Werdmuller Centre that mediates all its current conflicts with the hope of grounding the building within its context. This will then allow the building to co-exist with its physical, social, cultural, economic, and political context. The cast concrete nature of the building will be complimented and juxtaposed with an assemblage of mainly natural building materials. The natural building materials will aim to add softness to the hard-faced concrete as well as showcase the capabilities of natural building materials in the context of a city.

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keerathi patel