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keagan meyer


sanctuaries of healing: towards an architecture of well-being and care

This thesis seeks to explore the use of biophilic design theories and principles in the creation of a cancer support facility on the grounds of the Red Cross Children’s hospital in Rondebosch, Cape Town. Taking precedents from the Maggie centres in the UK, this project aims to be a paediatric nature-filled, hope inspiring therapeutic environment, which enriches the landscape of healthcare space in Cape Town through a beautiful, vibrant and restorative space on an otherwise clinical site.

Through a study of both architectural theory and scientific, evidence-based research on environments and embodied perception I endeavour to understand the capabilities of spaces and habitats to affect experiences and physiology in human beings for the purpose of contributing towards healing and wellbeing. Focusing on the theories of Salutogenesis and biophilia, what I wish to create is an environment which contributes to the process of healing and being healed, an “architecture of hope”.

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