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janke pretorius


re-flood the city: sculpt fluid space by the manipulation of place to aid in the water crisis in cape town to break infrastructural barriers and the human interaction thereof

This dissertation focuses on the sculpting of fluid space in the aim of re-flooding the city, the intervention is a sculptural symbiosis between design, systems engineering and the public interaction thereof in order to break a multitude of thresholds through the implementation of a salt water desalination plant in the heart of Cape Town Harbour G-Berth. By reopening the historical grachts that run underneath Adderley, Darling and Strand street to tap into the abundant historical water runoff from Table Mountain and connect it to the desalination reservoir in order to re-flood Cape Town. The building and urban landscape collides in a fluid exchange to sculpt good public space through means of an open air water canal whilst aiding in the water crisis in Cape Town.

Water is a fluid commodity, its poetic, religious, sculptural, it absorbs as easily as it rejects and can assume an form. Water is the source of existence and can take life as easily as it gives, it breaches into the metaphysical world. By using the surrealist and elemental principals of water and sea water desalination, the intervention transcribes a fluid journey from which th inhibitor becomes part not only of a systems elemental exchange as water assumes a different state, but the user enters into a different fluid realm.

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