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harnish patel


a climatic kinetic architecture

The dissertation explores the relationship between architecture and climatic change. The current global concern over climatic change and the need to reduce our carbon footprint. The built environment adds a considerably large amount of greenhouse gases.

The project explores the idea of the integration of green infrastructure, sustainability, and passive building systems and one method of combating climatic change. The architecture sets up a framework for redevelopment of Voortrekker Road through integration of commercial and industrial opportunities to create social, economic, and academic opportunities. The project aims to responded to climatic change in terms of materiality, building systems such as ventilation, cooling, heating using the principles of homeostasis and to harness natural energy sources as sun, wind, and water purification to create a net zero carbon architecture.

Situated along the black river in Cape Town the design engages the river through a wastewater purification plant, and to form an active street edge to Voortrekker Road with functions such as workshops, labourites, commercial and public interactions.

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