architecture is nature – the extended phenotype

In my thesis I will look to nature to see what I can learn. After hundreds of thousands of years the natural world has evolved to a point where it already has ways of dealing with problems facing humans today. Therefore we can learn from and Mimic these organisms/echo-systems. I will do that through observing the physical characteristics and traits of an organism.

After careful analysis of my site it became apparent that the Rietvlei wetland conservation area is under strain due to pollution. Therefore the key theme explored here is water filtration. A lot of my research lately has been to, firstly understand waste water treatment and secondly find out what natural organisms/systems exist that already filter water.

My research has lead me to believe that Bivalves are a suitable study group that will inspire my project as to how to go about water filtration. Bivalves are aquatic molluscs that have two part shells. Most bivalves are filter feeders extracting organic matter from the water body in which they live.

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hanno coetsee