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doug bryant


plasti-city: facilitating verticality in delft south, cape town

PLASTI-CITY, aims to challenge the current approach to housing in terms of materiality, form and planning in Delft South. Delft South stands as a representation of almost 30 years of state housing developments, where the inability to incrementally grow vertically has led to extremely high densities. The outcome of this project will promote ecological and economic sustainability, vertical densification and an affordable housing solution.

Through explorations of alternative methods of development and materiality, the design response embodies a regenerative approach to development, that is centered around the community and the user. The focus on materiality of the interventions, aims to promote and showcase the potential of recycled plastic within the architectural realm. The construction system enhances the spatial experience as well as the ability of the user to design, develop and construct their homes.

This dissertation proposes a new urban way of life within Delft, where the functional cells of the home have been isolated and rearranged, to create an interconnected dynamic mixed use program. Through re-thinking materiality and alternative development strategies, ‘PLASTI-CITY’ has been realised as a way forward to combat plastic pollution and high densities in Delft South.

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