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post urban settlements: re-imagining of an urban typology and participatory system for the furture occupants of cape town

The project explores a discrete systematic approach to controlled incremental development through the assistance of computational frameworks. The architectural output would facilitate efficient urban living, working, making to cater for the ever-growing occupants of Cape Town.

The system offers immense potential for resilient design and production frameworks, to tackle the current and future urban issues. Post Urban settlements offers a possible open-ended participatory platform which looks into alternative design principles for distributed value production.

This new paradigm with simple discrete parts attempts to reconsider serial repetition as an economy of scale, that can deliver customisation and adaptability, with scalable principles. The project does not intend to return to serialised production of identical units, but rather looks into the agglomeration of intentionally designed discrete parts. These organized aggregations of smaller and simpler building blocks help us achieve customisation and adaptability of large complex structures.

The research addresses the current issues we are experiencing in our immediate urban contexts and how we could possibly deal with these issues through new ways of design and production.

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