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daanyaal kassim


permanence and transience: investigating supportive and transitional housing methods for vulnerable communities in the johannesburg cbd

The MOTH transitional home is a Government owned building which houses evictees from prominent areas located in the Johannesburg CBD. Inhabitants in the building have organized themselves in different parts of the building based on their areas of eviction. Males, females, and families are subdivided into different portions on each floor of the structure, with densely packed shacks that disrupt circulation and minimize the amount of light and ventilation within the building, their living conditions have become unbearble as they were not provided with adequate means of accommodation and services. The aim is to relocate these vulnerbale communities into a new building that offers adequate services and accommodation based off their urgent needs through the implementation of transitional and supportive housing on the corner of Sophie Debruyn Street and Loveday Street, as well as the repurposing of the M.O.T.H transitonal home to offer residents some form of economic relief and skils development for their reintegration back into the working environment as most residents are unemployed.

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