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cornelus van der nest


resonance: the adaption & integration of wynberg public library with maynardville park through musical architectonics

Wynberg has a rich history in Cape Town, and both Maynardville Park & the Wynberg Public Library have historically contributed towards education, cultural upliftment, and acted as a breakout from the busy urban life. As the site of inquiry, Wynberg Public Library is isolated from the natural park as well as being surrounded by parking lots. This dissertation will explore how an architecture of resonance can be achieved between the library and the park by connecting spaces of sound or music (park) and less sound or silence (library) with education as the common theme both historically and currently. The program proposes an extension to the Wynberg Public Library by amplifying the existing music library, enlarging the found children's library, proposing a location for a new pavilion and adding a small intervention at the existing Maynardville Open Air Theater.

An architecture of resonance was explored by looking at the theoretical frameworks of ‘resonance’ by Hartmut Rosa & by exploring the lens of musical architectonics. The design draws inspiration from the membrane architecture that gets built within the park during family festivals or markets and also draws from design clues found from the Wynberg Public Library. Due to the vast scale of the intervention the dissertation will focus on the extended music library and the making of place in the natural landscape. With the buildings emerging from the ground as stone elements encased in a membrane architecture it starts to celebrate education within the natural landscape.

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