finding nowhere: the science [and fiction] of extreme sustainable architectural praxis

The ecological agenda within architecture has increased exponentially since the 21st century. The incorporation of ecological design methods ranging from passive heat regulation, energy generation and closed loop systems are systematically becoming more prescribed than merely suggested. Yet due to the quantitative nature of ecological or sustainable design, where sustainable design methods have become more a checklist than a complex solution to our looming environmental challenges, a lack within the qualitative and creative design process has ensued. This project will attempt to explore the architectural theoretical and technological possibilities, when engaging with science fiction as a design methodology. Fictional and future narratives, utilized as an architectural design tool, has the potential to challenge the environmental agenda’s normative practices and elevated it to a creative agenda. The aim of the exploration is thus to develop an inherently progressive sustainable praxis that defies normative practices and ideals. This will be attempted by investigating the dynamics of science fiction within the utopian city as well as future fictional narratives, and how it can be used as a design methodology and transcribed to architecture.

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annie bisschoff