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annie bisschoff


speculating time in architecture: imagining the eternal garden through science [and fiction]

Imagine a world 100 years from now… The speculation of ‘what if’ and ‘what is next’, prompt new and endless possibilities which have the potential to develop a new breed of architecture. Whilst the possible future may be unknown, the most common projection of the future today, is based on the effects of global warming, thus encouraging sustainability throughout all professions. Yet due to the quantitative nature of the ecological or sustainable agenda within the built environment, where sustainable design methods have become more of a checklist rather than an all-encompassing solution to the looming environmental challenges, a lacuna within the qualitative and creative sustainable design process ensued.

The dissertation aims to achieve an all-encompassing sustainable architectural solution of a Seed Vault and Research Centre, that challenges the environmental agenda’s normative practices and elevates it to a creative agenda, by utilizing progressive and hybrid typologies and methodologies. The project explores the architectural theoretical and technological possibilities, when engaging with science fiction, seeing that when one is imprisoned within the norms and conditions of the present, a look to the prospective future can initiate a reimagination of the present.

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