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thelishia moodley


re-claiming the service center: a humanist approach to making a space of service that unifies the observatory and salt river community


observatory and salt river, cape town

service, technē, episteme, humanism, pragmatism, urban culture


This dissertation investigates re-claiming the once-valued notion of human-centered design, by creating a space of service for the individual and the community, through the re-imagining of an abandoned Automobile Service Station on the border of Observatory and Salt River in the city of Cape Town.

Following a rigorous investigation into the historical and contemporary landscapes that affect this community, this research will culminate in the design proposal of a robust mixed-use building with the predominant programme being a multidisciplinary workshop geared towards community use.

In its construction and uses, this architectural intervention will celebrate the process of making, the dichotomy of craft and technē, and most importantly, serve its community’s needs, as they arise and evolve.


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