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francisca audu-ukpoju


porte of encounter: dwelling and transitional housing for young adults


woodstock, cape town

migrancy and the city, dwelling, typology, space, housing, programming


This dissertation began as an enquiry into the homeless nature of South African rural to urban economic migrants. Throughout the research, the key concept that resurfaced in the journey of these migrants is space. In unpacking the nature of this rural to urban migrant, the research revealed the migrant to be an inner city victim of displacement. As a result, strategies of reintegration involved the concept of spatial justice. As such, the key question then becomes, “at the level of the city, how is migration acknowledged, respected and accommodated by the built environment?”.

This project deals with the urban migration of rural to urban South African youths, economically displaced, due to either historic or contemporary conditions. This results in the need for a well located transitional housing that provides a dwelling place with the support structures to learn, work and thrive in an urban setting.

The project deals with youths at a transitional phase in their lives, transitioning into gainful employment and stable accommodation.


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