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andries mathee


rhythm city: a mixed use building typology in cape town


c/o adderley and strand street, cape town

rhythm, polyrhythm, buzz, mixed use


Rhythms are all around us.

Moon around Earth; Earth around Sun: they give us day & night, seasons & years Work? eat, sleep, repeat, but neglect not the morning meditatiom Traffic comes to a grinding halt as yeflow turns red. Chit-chat turns to footsteps as the green man gives the go-ahead. Rhythm describes human action and interaction across time and space, and imbues that action with meaning. This dissertation jnvestigates the waysin which our everyday spaces affect the rhythms of our lives, and how a buildjng, by design, could induce vibrant and invigorating rhythmic conditions in and around -it. In doing so, we explore the potential value that the idea of rhythm _may hold for architectural thought and for the architectural design process. Can rhythm become the very medium with which we explore new spatial possibilities? By focussing on rhythm, the design of this mixed-use building aimsto bring about a lively sense of buzz in and around it —nudging a currently hostile urban environment closer to reaching its potential of being the rhythmic beating heart of Cape Town,


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