The University of Cape Town is committed to providing a foundation of skills and knowledge that is versatile and able to adapt to a changing environment. The School of Architecture strives to fulfil this mission by offering excellent and relevant programmes that qualify students for the architectural profession.


The Master of Architecture (Professional) is a 1-year qualifying degree in architecture that provides students with the knowledge and skills to enter the profession of architecture and/or to pursue further qualifications in architecture or fields associated with the architectural profession and built environment. It is focused on developing independent critical inquiry in preparation for practice in a diverse and changing world.  Students are given considerable freedom and support to develop a reflective, critical and speculative relationship to their work. The objective of the qualification is to assist students to consolidate and extend their knowledge of architecture through a research-based design inquiry that shows their ability to think originally and develop compelling architectural projects that go beyond generic and ready-made models. It aims to assist students to integrate their knowledge of the history, theory, technology and practice of architecture in a self-motivated Design Dissertation and requires a high level of critical inquiry and independent study in preparation for entering the profession of architecture.


The MArch(Prof) requires students to apply an advanced knowledge of design, theory, technology and practice of architecture in an independent and critical manner. The curriculum consists of two components: the Theory and Technology Studies (a 1st semester course) and the Design Dissertation (a whole-year course). Both of these relate to a self-elected design project conducted under the guidance and supervision of staff.


The Design Dissertation is aimed at demonstrating the student’s independence and all-round architectural ability by way of the creative investigation and rigorous development of an architectural proposition in relation to theory and materiality. It requires that students apply an advanced knowledge of design theory and representation, and materiality and making of architecture in an independent and critical manner.

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