2020 cohort
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andries mathee
rhythm city: a mixed use building typology in cape town
ashley hampson
ecocentrism and architecture: a response to coastal degradation
denise visser
the reimagined 21st century library: liminal space as the catalyst to the creation of knowledge
derek james kleynhans
urban place of social regeneration: [re]imagining heritage + identity in the plural city
ettore soffietti
the strandfontein aqueduct: re-contextualising infrastructure through ecological engagement
francisca audu-ukpoju
porte of encounter: dwelling and transitional housing for young adults
jason slabbert
urban aggregation
john-alphonse elonga
dichotomia: an urban change for athlone power station through rethinking social infrastructure
katya krat
montage, collage and bricolage in making tarkovsky’s zone: sculpting a cinematic narrative space in a liminal landscape
kaylee benkenstein
sowing the seeds of sustainability
khanya tshabalala
healing historical narratives: brokering therapeutic resources for alternative healing practices
kyle mackintosh
phigital phantasm
layla sedick
thresholds for the collective memory: forming a spatial locus for displaced collectives in district six
lena weir
at home in the city: engaging lessons in inclusion, resilience and agency of cissie gool house
lisa tang
thrift architecture: water as a source of life
luca van der merwe-streicher
transforming micro sites into micro living
lwazi ncanana
the [re]birth of the pan-african narrative in the contemporary age
marelize lourens
care architecture for an endangered ecology in the overstrand region
mathithia maloba
the communal street: building an inclusive public space in bandalungwa
roark robinson
sustainable archetypes for the development of underutilised public land
seth gottlich
dissolve | evolve: in pursuit of stability within the extreme
silke bierbrauer
a city in a building
stephani perold
the tactility of publicness: scenes from within the fluctuating landscape of imizamo yethu
thelishia moodley
re-claiming the service center: a humanist approach to making a space of service that unifies the observatory and salt river community
treven moodley
atlas of waste